Hacktoberfest is Coming!

photo from hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com

It's that time again! For those who don't know, Hacktoberfest is put on by DigitalOcean and GitHub as a means to celebrate open source software and to get more people involved in contributing to open source projects.

Getting Involved

So how can you get involved? Well, I'm going to be a little bias and suggest the Exercism C# repository. For this event, we have gone through and added a hacktoberfest label to issues that we felt would be perfect for Hacktoberfest. If you don't feel like working on any of those issues, no problem! We're always welcoming new ideas and/or things that we've simply missed. Just create an issue, and let's have a discussion about it.

Not interested in programming? Contributions do not have to be programming related. There are quite a few open issues that relate to documentation or DevOps. Whatever fits your skill sets, we'll find something for you.

Of course, we are just one repository out of many. Exercism itself has a variety of repositories to choose from, but any project that you can find on GitHub is free game.

If you're struggling to find projects to work on, there's an application which you can find here that lists projects that are looking for assistance during Hacktoberfest.

Did I Mention Free Stuff?

That's right! If you submit four pull requests during the event, Digital Ocean will hook you up with a free T-Shirt (the request does not even need to be merged). As long as the request was made between Oct 1 and Oct 31, it counts.

So make sure you sign up at their website and start making some contributions!